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Harvest Moon

Harvest Moon

Did you know- the Harvest Moon is not associated with a specific month? The other moons of the year are associated with specific months, however, the Harvest Moon relates to the timing of the autumnal equinox.  The full Moon that occurs nearest to the equinox is the one that is named- “Harvest Moon.” This means that the Harvest Moon can occur in either September or October. This Moon is appropriately named. During the harvest season, farmers often need to work late into the night by the light of the Moon. 

These photos were created to show the Harvest moonset as fog began to creep into many of the low lying areas in the Portland Metro area.

Just before dawn, haze from dust and smoke suspended in the lower air layer mixed with the fog. A new layer of light encircled the moon with an illuminated glow.

For fascinating facts about the Harvest Moon, please click line to NASA Science.


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