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Happy First Day of Summer!

Happy First Day of Summer!

Birds seem to be celebrating with cherries-

The birds are going berserk now that the cherries are ripe. However, they do face a problem…

The robin who is nesting in one of the lower branches has a very protective mate. When the tree has too many visitors, he goes to work shooing off the crowds of would-be dinners.

Black-capped Chickadee
Black-capped Chickadee
Female House Finch
Female House Finch
American Robin At home in a tree full of cherries!
American Robin
Life in a tree-full of cherries!

6 comments on “Happy First Day of Summer!”

  1. I’m having difficulty collecting ripe salmonberries for breakfast… just when they reach that raspberry-like hue they disappear.

  2. That sounds like what happens to our Thimbleberries… a cousin of raspberries. I’m glad to have the distracter, otherwise, I think our lovely raspberries would be taking the same course as your salmonberries!
    (If birds are your culprit… I wonder if some of that metallic ribbon would help you.)

  3. Those birds are so cute, just like some of our local vandals! I see you are one of the solstice brigade, Jane. We generally consider winter started on June 1st. Having said that, I note that at 20C maximum here today, we are matching the maximum temperatures today in parts of England (and presumably parts of your great continent) 😉

  4. Lovely photos of the birds! I’m always of two minds about summer solstice. It’s nice the days are so long, but it is the beginning of the long slide back into winter. I guess that’s a negative take on an exciting moment of the year.

  5. Thank you. Yes,the feelings at the beginning of summer most certainly are different than the ones I feel at the beginning of Spring. I have to admit… when summer starts I’m always sad to let Spring go. I don’t think you are being negative… after the difficulties winter dished out last year… who would want that to come back too soon????

  6. That is quite a comfortable temp… would have loved that yesterday! We topped out close to 100F. Not our “normal” summer weather. Good thing is- it was for one day. Now we are back to the upper 70’s- low 80’s range. Much better 😉

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