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Sighted: November 3, 2014
Location: Glencoe Swale, Hillsboro, Oregon
Juvenile- 1st year
Gray overall, with dark crown


Many children have strolled down my driveway over the years, but none like one I watched today. This juvenile Great Blue Heron seemed a bit unsure of itself and kept looking out to the wetland as if for reassurance.  I followed the heron’s gaze. Sure enough, an adult bird flew by… about 75 feet away out over the main body of the wetland.


Despite the cue, the youngster remained transfixed- glued to its spot on the driveway.

The mature heron made another pass out over the wetland; this time, an action that released the immature bird.

Surveying along the edge of the driveway the heron searched for passage to the grassy swale.

Unable to find a way through the shrubbery … it took to wing and landed atop the street lamp for a better vantage point.


Before long,  young wings found assurance in the air as it took flight up the wetland corridor…

along the same route taken by the grown Great Blue Heron.

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