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Goal in Sight: Bug-free Home

Goal in Sight: Bug-free Home

Satire on Human Approach to Pest Control

(I recently took an ed2go distance learning class- “Get Funny.” Our instructor introduced the class to a variety of comedy genres. She encouraged us to try finding our own style of humor through a series of writing assignments. The week we examined parody and satire, she suggested we tap into a website called  “The Onion.” Not a huge fan of satire, this was a site that was new to me. However, reading articles on “The Onion” as models helped me write this composition based on a true story published on Yale 360.)


WESTTPHALIA, GERMANY- Good news! Scientists observe insect populations are declining…

Martin Vogel, insect expert at the Krefeld Entomological Association recently stated,

“The decline in insect populations is dramatic… and it affects all kinds of bugs.”

A huge reduction in the biomass of insects caught in his research team’s test traps demonstrates a  steady decrease from about five pounds per trap in 1989 to just 10 ounces in 2014. The findings made by Vogel’s workgroup of scientists are not unique. A 2014 study in Science documented a steep drop in insect and invertebrate populations worldwide.

Why the decline? Since the mid- 1950’s,  human practices in agriculture, business, and development have become exceedingly more successful at decimating  insect species through monoculture farming,  pesticide production/application, and land-use projects that promote habitat loss. Statistics indicate that these actions are to be commended in the plight of insects.

In fact, S.C. Johnson (the celebrated “a family company”) is proud of its 60 year record. Since the launch of Raid House & Garden, in 1956, it has become a well-recognized brand… a world leader in pest control. The company’s iconic cartoon bugs and phrase, “Kills Bugs Dead,” are classic advertisements that promote the murder of insects of all kinds.

Raid’s famous mantra may soon be a complete success. If no changes are made in human attitudes and actions toward how the environment and eco-systems are treated… reductions in bug populations are expected to continue to remain in decline. Vogel predicted,

“With this dramatic amount of success in just a little more than half a century, people of the world won’t need to wait much longer. Soon, our shared home will at last be void of pesky bugs…”

Just imagine- Earth without any insects.

Let’s give a toast to that!

Oh dear, no grapes…


Resources –

Yale Environment 360: Insect Numbers Declining: Why It Matters

SC Johnson: Raid Facts

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