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Getting Wind of…

Issues that relate to the well-being of our planet are numerous. As concerns about Earth’s well-being mount, it’s often difficult to get my mind wrapped around the big picture and the details that feed a diverse set of problems. Climate change, geologic threats, ecological ramifications, resource management impacts…

In response, I’ve created this page as a collection point for ideas I want to explore and reflect upon to write blog posts that will potentially form a series.  

July 2014

More and more, the health of pollinator populations captures my attention. Lately, it seems fewer bumblebees are seen in the gardens in my neighborhood. A file of resources is filling on my computer desktop. These articles will be authored very soon:

Getting Wind of… Bumblebees

Here’s what I want to investigate:

  • learn more about the biology of bumblebees
  • explore explanations for the cause(s) of bumblebee die-offs
  • find out steps we can take to help.


Have we wondered about some of the same things?

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