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Friend | Let’s See Each Other Through

Friend | Let’s See Each Other Through

I wrote the poem when my children were little, shared it on my website when my granddaughter was an infant, and  keep it in my heart… always…

I post again with much longing...

May your holidays inspire tender moments.

As I held hands with my family, in circle of prayer around our table,
I listened.
Each person, youngest to oldest, shared thoughts of gratitude with each other
and to God…
Within the touch of each hand, there… I appreciated
my best friends,
and recalled a poem I wrote many years ago:

Hand in Hand

My child’s hand in my hand
love’s treasure that I hold;
Keep your hand in my hand
until we’re very old.

My child’s hand in my hand
so small inside my touch;
Watching you grow and change
I love you, oh… so much!

My child’s hand in my hand
in good times, sad and blue;
Let’s be heart-in-hand friends
to see each other through.

My child’s hand in my hand
taking turns along life’s way;
I’ll lead you, and you lead me
good friends I hope we’ll stay.

I wish that your feelings of gratitude and friendship will be the ones that guide you through the holiday seasons. I wish that our hearts, and not our wallets, will provide the riches we need to sustain- peace, joy, happiness… love and hope.

Have we wondered about some of the same things?

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