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I have had success finding photo information in several ways.

1-  Screen shot of photo stored in my SmugMug account.

    • post photo in a gallery
    • from home page, find the photo I want to use
    • click on the “view details” button
    • take a screen shot, or screen snip (depending on if I’m working on my iPad or PC)
    • trim, name, and save

2-  Screen shot from Lightroom iPad app.

    • click on photo in Lightroom app.
    • click on i in a circle at lower right corner
    • photo information will appear to right of photo
    • The title of the photo, caption, and copyright date can also be entered
    • take screen shot
    • trim, and save to photos

3-  Screen shot photo stored on PC.

    •  Locate the photo you want to use on your PC
    • Right click on the photo icon
    • On the menu bar that pops up- click “properties”
    • On the properties menu- click the “details” tab
      • scroll down to “camera” to locate photo details

3-  Screen shot photo stored on PC in “Photos”

    • Locate photo in the “Photos” program
    • Click “…” upper right corner
    • Select “file info” from the drop down menu
    • Voila- there’s the photo information to the left of photo

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