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Welcome to the “Flora” page for my Photo Box. Rather than parking my photographs in a separate photo-management service, my pictures are here with me at Just Another Nature Enthusiast.

I’ve elected to copyright my work under the Creative Commons agreement.

Creative Commons License

If you use one of my photos kindly do the following:
  1. Let me know by leaving me a note in the “Comments…” section of this page.
  2. Give credit to me by pasting the following in the caption under the photo-

Image by Jane Wilson on her blog http://www.Just Another Nature Enthusiast.org

How to Access Photos:
  1. Use the drop-down menus
  2. Slide to the right of the “Flora” title to activate drop-down selections for species

Please note, this is a photo box. It is dynamic… a work in progress. As such, not all of the categories have all their pictures put away yet. 😉

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