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It has been a long time since a muskrat has visited here …

Could muskrat be a sign?

Native American cultures have historically been connected with the land and nature. Traditions and stories have passed generation to generation rich with the wisdom derived from being in tune with messages perpetually told by nature… to those who will listen.

I’m ready to listen; and  wonder… “What wisdom does the arrival of the muskrat represent?”

Like the muskrat takes to water, I took to the Internet. My query suggests, Spirits of the Earth, by Bobby Lake-Thom. His book focuses on ancient teachings passed down from Native American Medicine men, the shamans, who understood the wisdom revealed through nature’s signs. Bobby Lake-Thom recognizes the value of these lessons that are told through legends and rituals-

“There are a lot of people who honestly respect Nature, who want to love and care for Nature, and who would like to learn how to bond more with Nature or to heal their relationship with Nature. In order to learn how Nature actually communicates… we can turn to the traditional Native American people, elders, and healers for guidance; to Native mythology for teachings; and to some form of ritualization in order to gain experience. It is with this in mind that I have decided to share the (material in my book). As a traditional Native healer…I feel an urgency to disclose this material.

If things in society get to the extreme that Nature can no longer communicate to us, or if it gets to the point that we, as human beings, can no longer recognize and understand symbolic communication, then we will no longer thrive as a species.”

I’m curious. The introductory paragraphs lead me to believe I’ve come to the right place. Before long, the muskrat’s message will be known. And, as time goes on, the messages symbolized in other creatures will be discovered as I learn to intertwine my use of physical nature guidebooks with this Native American spiritual nature guidebook to identify and learn about animal species.

Spirits of the Earth tells me that a muskrat is a good sign! According to legend, the muskrat is one who helped to create the Earth; the video below tells the Ojibway  Creation story. The diligence and critical thinking of the muskrat coupled with his ability to cooperate with others… provided a way to regain land for animals to live on after the Great Floods.

Yes- Muskrat Was a Good Sign

I believe the muskrat’s appearance on our property was a sign that flooding precipitated by unusually heavy snows and rain would soon subside without harm to our dwelling. As life has moved from a harsh February winter,to the promises of March spring, I look out each day to view shrinking high waters. Muskrat was the harbinger of skunk cabbage blossoms, willow catkins, and buds-bursting in the wetland wooded areas.Yes… muskrat was a good sign.

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