“Extra, Extra” Weekly Photo Challenge

An extra, extra detail entered this San Juan Islands sunrise-

 with the appearance of a glowing ferry boat.

Would you agree that it adds another layer to the photo?

Perhaps tranquility, mystery…

San Juan Islands

This week’s Photo Challenge is: “Extra Extra”

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  1. That really makes the photo special, despite the undeniable beauty of the setting. I also like that it gives a contrast between nature and man.


  2. Hi Janet-
    The setting is undeniably beautiful. Your observation about the contrast between nature and man is interesting. On the trip where this shot was taken, several man-made modes of travel connected us with natural settings: ferry boats, a 1930’s vintage wooden ship that served as the mother boat for kayaking trips in the San Juans.

  3. I worked on a commercial ferry for many years, there’s quite a few ‘late to the dock’ stories.
    Instantly I got a feeling of desire to be on that ferry, knowing where you took the photo, and imagining where it might be going.

    Once upon a time… a Haida elder told me to come back when I have a kayak…

  4. Alas, you will have to travel to Canada or Alaska to follow the voice of the Haida…
    In Washington, the ferries have names from the Salish language and Chinook jargon…
    but you are welcome to paddle there as well…
    A kayak in Northwest waters, in any direction, is well-traveled.

  5. I was a guest at the home of the Haida elder in Skidegate, 1984. I’ll take a simpler route back when I do. Folbot on custom fabricated cart strolling onto the ferries in Seattle, up to Prince Rupert and decide then whether to go out to Haida-Gwaii or just keep going north…

  6. Which island was this taken from? Oh, how I miss the San Juans! I spent a summer at Friday Harbor Research Labs on San Juan Island, so I am all too familiar with those adorable little ferries. Lovely photo, especially with the sunset in the background.

  7. Definitely adds to the shot Jane. Sometimes we want just the nature, and sometimes we want something to add to the mix. In this case, I’m all for the latter!

  8. We were aboard the MV Catalyst harbored for the night in an inlet off Sucia Island. You would be interested in the history of this vessel. Originally, she was an oceanographic ship built for the University of Washington. During WWII she was repurposed to patrol the Puget Sound. Later, she fell into private ownerships…which is how we happened to be onboard for a nature, kayak/hiking expedition.

  9. On this particular morning, this was so true. We were the only ones anchored in the inlet from which this photo was taken. Watching the ferry boat fade in and out of the setting was a peaceful experience.

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