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*Elemental | Moonlit by Fire

*Elemental | Moonlit by Fire

earth, wind, fire… moon

earth– forests ablaze

Oregon’s  green flashes to red

wind– charred ash

Tree remnants float on air

fire- pyro-predator

Dry vegetation satiates wild hunger

moon– reverse reflection

Lit by Earth’s continental combustion, not sun.

Science note- moon lit by fire is not scientifically correct. Only the sun can claim that role. Thank you for the poetic license.

What a moon it was last night… its color in the photo is pretty close to accurate. Very smoky, with fine flakes of ash floating down. I wore a mask, and had to dust off my equipment when I went back inside. My thoughts go out to the firefighters and folks near the wildfire sites. Bless you all. I hope prayers for rain will be answered later in the week. Wildfire crews will be greatly assisted by the last element… Water.

Overnight ash fall. This dusting of various sizes of ash covered everything this morning.

Weekly Photo Challenge: August 9,2017 | “Elemental” 

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18 comments on “*Elemental | Moonlit by Fire”

  1. I guess being a little behind on the Challenges was helpful in this case…
    The ash dust that is sprinkled on everything this morning is actually quite distressing. It emphasizes concern for folks more closely involved with these fires. Is smoke/haze apparent in your area?

  2. Cracking photo Jane, just such a shame the colour is due to the wildfires. Certainly all our thoughts go out to all the firefighters working in Oregon!

  3. We Oregonians are probably at the beginning of a time of grief and mourning for the loss of truly magnificent ecosystems. Our state is blessed with some of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. Because what we have is so highly valued… there is no doubt we will work together to replant and restore after the fires are extinguished. Thank you for your concern and thoughts.

  4. That surrealistic moon is the harbinger of more surrealistic sights to come. Janet, I truly dread to witness the damage these fires will leave behind.

  5. It’s good to hear that you all care so much for the environment in which you live Jane, I know very little about the state of Oregon, but from the brief bit I’ve seen, it looks like an amazing part of the world!!!
    Even though the wildfires appear to have devastated the areas around you, it’s remarkable how quickly nature takes a hold again after such fires, and sometimes it actually improves the overall wildlife 🙂
    It’s just such a shame for all those animals, plants and insects that die in the fires at the time 🙁

  6. You make an excellent point about Nature’s resiliency and the role of fire. There is a lot of debate about whether natural fires should still be permitted as part of the natural life cycle of forests. Problem is, of course, threat to human needs for resources and development. The fire in the Columbia Gorge would be easier to accept had it started from natural causes. Investigation is proving much to the contrary. Authorities are very certain this travesty was caused by a 15 year old boy who was seen throwing fireworks into one of the forest canyons… with our drought conditions, the result is catastrophic.

  7. Unfortunately Jane, us humans are generally pretty bad at causing needless devastation, whether it’s kids messing around with fireworks, or careless smokers not stubbing out cigarettes. And on the much larger scale, we aren’t any better as a race of people, however much Trump tries to deny global warming or climate change, there’s absolutely no doubt in my mind, that the planet is suffering from more extremes in weather! The trouble is, when these extremes are averaged out, the weather patterns actually look fairly normal!!!

  8. With the enormity of weather-related events happening in the U.S. at the moment… perhaps some environmentally illiterate politicians will do some point of view-changing reflective thinking. Yes, I’m an optimist…

  9. Beautiful photo. And so sad. Hard to imagine how one thoughtless, foolish act has cost so much in lives (animal/plant), livelihoods, emergency resources and government funds, and ecosystems that will take a very long time to fully recover, if they can at all (thinking of the fish, etc.)

    I’m glad you’re an optimist. Maybe I’ll get there eventually.

  10. I hope you are right Jane, and I agree, we all have to stay positive, it would be very easy to sink into deep depression at what we as a race, are doing to the planet. But thankfully, there are still plenty of people out there who feel like you and I 🙂
    My aplogies for taking so long to get back to you, I’ve started a photography course, and everything has been a wee bit hectic over the last two or three weeks.

  11. No apology needed. This was a good conversation. Thank you and best wishes for your class.

  12. Optimist? Yes, definitely… but sometimes it feels like only by a thread. Certainly tested by the state of our political chaos and responses to current events.

  13. I’ve been striving to do that, but it’s kind of like what they say about train wrecks: it’s hard to look away.

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