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Crazy Nature Day

Crazy Nature Day

American Crows

It all began with American Crows having an all out boisterous gathering between cedars and an ash tree in the back.

Canada Geese

This pair and others are staking out territory for this year’s nests. There is a flock of about seven birds that have been coming back to this pond area for a number of years.

Hooded Mergansers

We caught a glimpse of this lovely pair as they paddled about looking for breakfast.

Great Egret

The Great Egret probably would have been more satisfied during its hunt for a meal without being interrupted by a sudden dumping of hail.

American Crows – Back again

The crows ended the day as they began… in a frenzy.

Cooper’s Hawk

Could this juvenile Cooper’s Hawk be the reason the crows are so upset?!

I decided to learn more about this hawk, and included it in my Nature Journal.

Use this link to view: Cooper’s Hawk Nature Journal Entry

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