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Comfort in the Stars

Comfort in the Stars

I had almost forgotten how emotionally powerful star-gazing can be… until a few nights ago. A clear night on the Oregon Coast was all it took to unlock the feelings stored in my heart and soul. Some of my best childhood memories are those of time spent with my father … on magical nights when he filled my imagination with stories told only when, together, we gazed at the constellations above.


There is comfort in the stars as tiny suns light heaven’s view.

God’s steadfast, gentle beacons guide me to memories of you.


Here lie thoughts of a little girl with her daddy hand-in-hand,
Eyes lifted toward constellations, twinkling pictures big and grand.


Planets, Pegasus, Pleiades, North Star, Dippers big and small,

No matter which direction…their names you knew them all.


Now that I’ve grown older, you are with me through a star.

I treasure the gift of sky you gave, connecting us where’er we are.


Beneath the heavens our voices are carried on a star-lit breeze.

My daddy and I say, “Good night.” With a hug and tender squeeze.

Have we wondered about some of the same things?

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