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Columbia River: Recollections of a Lovely Fall Day

Columbia River: Recollections of a Lovely Fall Day

sand island
Photo Credit: Google Maps

There was no argument- the warm days of Fall would soon be gone.

That’s when a group of neighbors decided to pack up kayaks, and paddle equipment.

Off we caravanned to the Port of St. Helens, Oregon.

No one was disappointed. The day was perfect for a paddle around Sand Island.

Three kayaks were ready to launch and go.  

The fourth was a vintage Klepper that needed some assembly prior to launch… what an amazingly clever vessel.

Flocks of migrating Canada Geese flew overhead all day.

No doubt was left about which way was south.


Meanwhile, container ships headed west.

One of us was somewhat new at kayaking…

and will be a bit more humble about paddling toward the “big boys” in the future.

Didn’t take long to find the calm…

Views from kayak-level were all-in-all very pleasing.

Mount St. Helens gave a hint of north on the horizon.

 Many Oregon rivers are staked in the past by pilings of forgotten purpose;

and yet, some still find a use…

We explore the current day-

but find it difficult to leave the river behind

when it’s time to journey back to shore.

3 comments on “Columbia River: Recollections of a Lovely Fall Day”

  1. Looks like it was a beautiful day for your outing.
    I like the cormorants on the pilings. There’s something comical about cormorants that I like — they’re such gangly birds and yet so calmly unselfconscious. I like to watch them on the Reversing Falls rapids, floating backwards downstream in the current and then flying back upstream to ride down again.

  2. Unfortunately, I’ve never been on the jet boat, and the fellow who gave the rides stopped giving them last fall. But there is a more sedate harbour tour for cruise ship passengers; and I’d love to try out the recently built (3 yrs?) zip line; and of course a window seat at the Fallsview restaurant allows the diner to look right down onto the incoming tide pushing the water up the rapids, and view the little whirlpools this activity creates, and of smile at the pleasure-seeking cormorants riding the current.

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