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Every community should have a nursery like this one!
Every community should have a native plant expert like ours!

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In the group of people who are enthusiastic and know a lot about native Oregon plants- Christian Haaning would be at the top of the list. We arrived at the nursery greeted by a big friendly smile, hardy handshake, and eager willingness to talk plants! This pattern was repeated with all who arrived at the nursery, as we did, to pick up plants that were cultivated by Christian. He grows the plants to support one of  Clean Water Services’ programs developed for increasing populations of native trees and shrubs found in the Tualatin River Watershed riparian zones.


The program we are participating in is the “Streamside Stewardship Program for Property Owners.” Beaver Willows qualifies because it is:

      • within the Clean Water Services’ service area in Washington County, Oregon;
      • located within 100 feet of a stream or wetland in the Tualatin River watershed;
      • cleared of non-native invasive plants (in our case: Himalayan Blackberry, Lesser Celandine);
      • agreed that owners take a “before” and “after” photo of planting site.

We are anxious for the weather to calm down to allow planting. Unusually high water resulted this week due to recent snow melt followed by torrential rains.

The flora slated for planting at Beaver Willows will add two new native plants to the habitat- the Cascara and Serviceberry.  We will increase numbers for- Western Crabapple and Oceanspray.

Christian also added one of his favorites to our trove of Oregon native plants … a Madrone.  He is curious to see how it will flourish in our habitat area.


We are excited by the opportunity. Madrone has been one of our favorites as well.

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