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Change of Perspective | Sand

Change of Perspective | Sand

I will NEVER take sand for granted ever again. I will remain thankful for having access to miles of natural beach along the Oregon Coastline. I will hope that sand-mining will never be a destructive industry in the Pacific Northwest. I will hope that the growing tech industry in my community sources its demand for specialized sand through responsible means.

I will long appreciate the insight reading one book has made on changing my perspective about



What prompted my enormous change in perspective?

Several months ago, my cousin sent me a link for a podcast about sand.

Okay, I can predict your reaction already. Sand? Why would anyone be interested in a talk about… Sand?

My grandfather and my father were both Civil Engineers who were concrete experts; so she thought I would be interested in the talk, “Built on Sand.”

She was right. That’s why I was initially interested in listening to the podcast. The podcast is an interview with the author of, “The World in a Grain: The Story of Sand and How It Transformed Civilization.” Again, I can hear your reaction, “Really… A book about sand? What’s so great about that?”

Believe me, there is a great deal about that! All it takes is thinking outside the sandbox and beyond the beach… two places where our thinking about sand generally starts and stops. Vince Beiser’s extensive research on the topic of sand combined with his highly engaging style of writing will likely change every reader’s perspective about sand.

Please click on photo for link to more information about this book.

Why do I have this new found appreciation for sand?

Because of one book with a unique spin on history and science…

The next photo shows what almost every page in my book now looks like! The World in a Grain quickly became an interactive experience.

This book exposes the profound effects civilization and human development have had, are having, and will have on one specific natural resource… sand. My understanding was no bigger than a sandbag when I started reading this book and quickly grew to insights as big as the Sahara by the end of the last chapter. If you choose to read The World in a Grain, I recommend taking your time, and getting your own copy of the book. Give yourself a chance to ponder, reflect, and absorb the enormous impact sand has in your life, and even more profoundly, on all of the man-made systems and ecosystems that depend this planet for life.

This book will…

Change Your Perspective 


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