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  • September Smoke

    September Smoke

    Warnings alerting the public were issued across media platforms. The goal? Health and Safety Warning and Wild Fire prevention Friday night, September 9th The Harvest Moon was viewed in a fairly clear sky. Moon craters and surface features appeared near-crisp through a zoom lens. Saturday, September 10th Smoke apparent throughout Willamette Valley and I-5 Corridor. Eerie sunset peeking through the wetland forest edge. View of sunset behind the Coast Range…

  • Enchanted Homesite Available

    Enchanted Homesite Available

    Main structure is perfect size for small family of gnomes, fairies, or pixies. Includes – playhouse and garden shed.Magical twigs, leaves, and lichen are abundant in fir tree-shaded setting. Roof showing minor signs of distress.Must see… offer won’t last long in this hot market.* * Hot temperatures in this real estate location were predicted to last for a while… This forecast indicates the end of one week of record-breaking heat…

  • Nature’s Slug Control

    Nature’s Slug Control

    Who would think that a snail could help to control slugs in the garden?It’s a fact! And another good reason to work with Nature and to avoid applying pesticides.  We’ve been led to believe snails eat plants. Right? Not always… Here is a snail species I found in our nature habitat/ garden that is a carnivore. Can you believe that? I was very surprised to learn about the Robust Lancetooth…

  • Who’s That Hopping in the Driveway?

    Who’s That Hopping in the Driveway?

    Look who I saw hopping across the top of our driveway- an Eastern Cottontail Rabbit. This species is the largest group of wild rabbits in Oregon. They were introduced as a game animal to several counties in northwest Oregon during the 1930’s – early 1940’s. This little rabbit was seen in habitat with components as described in Wikipedia: open grassy areas, forest edges, abundant green grasses and herbs, with shrubs…

  • Coping with the Snow

    Coping with the Snow

    Canada Geese spent most of the afternoon closer to the edge of the riparian zone. Looks like they are in for more of the pond being frozen by tomorrow. It wasn’t too bad today. Anna’s Hummingbird patiently waiting for the feeder nectar bottle to be exchanged. Be sure to check your feeders in the freezing weather. It is helpful to have two bottles to trade when the other freezes. This…

  • Snow Birds!

    Snow Birds!

    Snow falls here once and a while. This happened to be one of those times. The birds are actively feeding and puffing up their feathers to keep warm. Dark-eyed Junco- A question to contemplate- Is the snow whiter on the other side of the fence? Varied Thrush The more we study the Varied Thrush’s colors, the more spectacular they become. Especially in the snow! Purple Finch In close competition for…

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