Heritage | Totem

Marine Park- Kalama, Washington If you travel along the Columbia River on Interstate 5 in Washington... be sure to stop here- Experience a glimpse of Pacific Northwest Native American heritage Totem poles carved with mythical forms, symbols, and creatures are located in Marine Park, just west of I-5 and the City of Kalama. The unique... Continue Reading →

Windows | Framed for Discovery

Gaze through these windows.    Can you find their locations aboard the Catalyst? My husband and I experienced the exhilaration of discovery when we sailed on this beautiful, antique wooden vessel.  Her windows framed our adventures in learning and interacting with the natural history of the San Juan Islands located in the Washington waters of the... Continue Reading →

The Road Taken | Back in Time

Let's travel together vicariously - on the road taken - back in time. Come along to see places my great-aunt visited over one hundred years ago on her trip West. From our twenty-first century vantage point, her photos literally represent a  reminder of ... the west... Hers are pictures of people who were more rugged... Continue Reading →

Stuck in Time…

35 million years in the making Along a creek or river bed... this would look like a rather ordinary large pebble. But, that assumption is far from the truth... this particular geologic formation is known as a concretion. "A concretion is a compact mass of mineral matter, usually spherical or disk-shaped, embedded in a host rock... Continue Reading →

Weekly Photo Challenge: “Adventure!”

Is the key to this adventure lost? ...Or, waiting to be found? You be the judge. Long ago, meals were prepared here for seaworthy men who ventured far from port. Adventuresome types. Ready to put backs into grueling labor required for hauling in up to 2,000 salmon at a time. Now, a lonely pencil occupies the galley. ... Continue Reading →

“Relic” Weekly Photo Challenge

Classic Wooden Boat Charm M.V. Pacific Catalyst II is an historic wooden vessel... relic of a time when crafstmanship was the rule, not the exception. She has decades-old varnished wood paneling, heavy beamed ceilings and glowing mahogany trim and furniture. The slow pulse of her original 1932 Washington Diesel engine, the only one like it in... Continue Reading →

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