I-84 – Oregon’s Necklace of Ecoregions

I-84 is a necklace worn by Oregon strung with ecoregions from east to west. The northern-most boundaries of five ecoregions dangle from the Interstate: Blue Mountains, Columbia Plateau, Eastern Cascades, Cascades, Willamette Valley, and Coast Range. Our travels provided mere glimpses of five of these gems as we passed through them on the final leg... Continue Reading →

Oregon/California Ecoregions- Klamath Mountains

Curtin, OR - Shasta, CA Location: This physically and biologically diverse ecoregion occurs between the Cascades and the Coast Range in northwestern California and southwestern Oregon. Climate: The ecoregion has a mild, mid-latitude Mediterranean climate, marked by warm summers with a lengthy summer drought period, and mild winters. The mean annual temperature ranges from approximately 5°C at... Continue Reading →

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