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  • “Street Life” Weekly Photo Challenge

    “Street Life” Weekly Photo Challenge

    Seen from along the street, Wind Turbines – Power-up Life… The Tehachapi Wind Farm, with around 5,000 wind turbines, is the second largest collection of wind generators in California (the largest is at the Altamont pass, near Livermore and the San Francisco Bay area). The turbines are operated by a dozen private companies, and collectively produce about 800 million kilowatt-hours of electricity, enough to meet the residential needs of 350,000 people every…

  • California Ecoregions- Mojave Basin & Range

    California Ecoregions- Mojave Basin & Range

    MOJAVE BASIN & RANGE- Mojave, CA to Arizona Border Location: The Mojave Basin and Range is located in southeastern California, southern Nevada, southwestern Utah, and northwestern Arizona. Climate: The ecoregion has a dry, subtropical desert climate, marked by hot summers and warm winters. The mean annual temperature is approximately 5°C at high elevations, and 24°C in the lowest basins. Death Valley, in the central part of the region, is one…

  • California Ecoregions- Sierra Nevada

    California Ecoregions- Sierra Nevada

    SIERRA NEVADA- Between Bakersfield and Tehachapi Location: The Sierra Nevadas are a high, north-south mountain range of eastern California with a small extension into far western Nevada near Lake Tahoe. The photos in this post are from the Tehachapi Mountains area of the Sierra Nevadas based on the level IV ecoregion map. Climate: The ecoregion has a severe to mild, mid-latitude climate with Mediterranean characteristics. It has mild to hot,…

  • Oregon/California Ecoregions- Klamath Mountains

    Oregon/California Ecoregions- Klamath Mountains

    Curtin, OR – Shasta, CA Location: This physically and biologically diverse ecoregion occurs between the Cascades and the Coast Range in northwestern California and southwestern Oregon. Climate: The ecoregion has a mild, mid-latitude Mediterranean climate, marked by warm summers with a lengthy summer drought period, and mild winters. The mean annual temperature ranges from approximately 5°C at higher elevations to 14°C in valleys and in southern parts of the region. The frost-…

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