California Ecoregions- Central California Valley

CENTRAL CALIFORNIA VALLEY: Red Bluff - Bakersfield Location: Occurring in the central part of California, this area differs from adjacent ecoregions that are hilly or mountainous, forest or shrub-covered, and generally nonagricultural. Climate: The ecoregion has a mild, mid-latitude, Mediteranean climate, bordering on a mid-latitude desert climate in the south. The region has long, hot... Continue Reading →

Oregon/California Ecoregions- Klamath Mountains

Curtin, OR - Shasta, CA Location: This physically and biologically diverse ecoregion occurs between the Cascades and the Coast Range in northwestern California and southwestern Oregon. Climate: The ecoregion has a mild, mid-latitude Mediterranean climate, marked by warm summers with a lengthy summer drought period, and mild winters. The mean annual temperature ranges from approximately 5°C at... Continue Reading →

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