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  • Favorite Finds

    Favorite Finds

    Forecasting Fall… If we pay attention, Mother Nature sends clues that She is gearing up for a change in season. A parade of my favorite fall arrivals is starting to march through our garden. Getting a viewing spot along the parade route early is helpful… none of these special visitors is destined to stay. The following images celebrate first sightings of some of my favorite Fall forecasters. These critters are…

  • Robin Tenacity

    Robin Tenacity

    Why do Robins seem to build nests in challenging places? This nest was not shaded during the hottest points in the days of scorching summer heat. It was nerve-wracking to observe. However mom and dad Robin teamed well with feedings and cleanings of the nest. Robin chicks were surprisingly robust in the heat of the day. Whenever we observed from an upstairs window, the group appeared active and ready for…

  • Oh…What a Beautiful Day

    Oh…What a Beautiful Day

    It’s a wonderful feeling… wildlife’s coming our way. After days of record-breaking heat, cooler mornings lured local wildlife out of hiding and into the yard for breakfast. Birds Robins busily gathered worms. We kept a patch watered near the nest in hopes the worms would remain near the surface. Looks like the plan is working! Flickers were eagerly on the lookout for bugs. Hummingbirds hovered for nectar in the salvia…

  • Life’s Just a Tree Full of Cherries

    Life’s Just a Tree Full of Cherries

    By all appearances, that’s how American Robins seem to view life each summer when the wild cherries ripen. All levels of the tree host daily visitors to its fruit-laden branches. Robins’ feeding fervor remains in top gear from the first red cherry to the last. As their youngsters watch… parent robins show them how to pluck ripe fruit… and demonstrate how to swallow the prized edibles… whole! In bird world……

  • I’m Not the Big, Bad Wolf Spider 🕷

    I’m Not the Big, Bad Wolf Spider 🕷

    See that little white egg? It caught my attention while gardening, and led to a new appreciation for… SPIDERS🕷 Specifically, for a species known as- Wolf Spider Hogna aspersa. Although this spider looks scary… I’ve learned that none of the members of the Wolf Spider species are dangerous to humans. In fact, Wolf spiders play an important role in natural population control of insects and are often considered “beneficial bugs”…

  • Nature’s Slug Control

    Nature’s Slug Control

    Who would think that a snail could help to control slugs in the garden?It’s a fact! And another good reason to work with Nature and to avoid applying pesticides.  We’ve been led to believe snails eat plants. Right? Not always… Here is a snail species I found in our nature habitat/ garden that is a carnivore. Can you believe that? I was very surprised to learn about the Robust Lancetooth…

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