Nature’s Slug Control

Who would think that a snail could help to control slugs in the garden?It’s a fact! And another good reason to work with Nature and to avoid applying pesticides.  We’ve been led to believe snails eat plants. Right? Not always… Here is a snail species I found in our nature habitat/ garden that is a... Continue Reading →

Puddle Ducks

Have you ever wondered how much water it takes to attract wild ducks? I didn’t. Until… ducks arrived at a small puddle of water on the other side of our fence. It’s a transient body of water that exists only during times of prolonged rain. And, it’s rather secluded, tucked between homes and a row... Continue Reading →

Snake Out

Northwestern Garter Snake Thamnophis ordinoides The Northwestern Garter Snake is perfectly at home at Beaver Willows. Proximity to the Glencoe Swale wetland provides the preferred habitat of this species: damp areas with lots of vegetation and open sunny areas.  The two snakes featured in this post were found in places where these critters like to... Continue Reading →

Who’s That Hopping in the Driveway?

Look who I saw hopping across the top of our driveway- an Eastern Cottontail Rabbit. This species is the largest group of wild rabbits in Oregon. They were introduced as a game animal to several counties in northwest Oregon during the 1930's - early 1940's. This little rabbit was seen in habitat with components as... Continue Reading →

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