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  • Low-light … detours

    Low-light … detours

    I missed the shot I wanted.* It was moments after sunset, and the light was all wrong for the long zoom lens on my camera. But, me being me, I was not willing to go in empty cameraed… So I switched to manual and pushed a few settings and adjusted to my mental calculations about the light. I’ve been using mostly aperture and shutter speed settings lately… and didn’t have…

  • Nature and Landscape  Coursework Completion

    Nature and Landscape Coursework Completion

    February 2022 – Submitted final assignment to graduate from New York Institute of Photography Spot metering Nikon D-500 Manual settings RAW format/ post processed with Lightroom CC Tamron G2 150-600mm lens- hand held with image stabilization enabled This image was taken on a trail in a Pacific coast rain forested area at Fort Stevens State Park. California ground squirrels live in burrows, which they excavate themselves. Some burrows are occupied communally,…

  • Camera Obscura- Big Time!

    Camera Obscura- Big Time!

    Isn’t it interesting when something you haven’t considered is brought to your attention… and then… it keeps on popping up?! That’s exactly the case for me and Camera Obscura. This post records what happened when one thing led to another… It all started with a habit a friend of mine has of asking a photography “food for thought” question at the close of emails. A couple of months ago, the…

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