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  • Beach Combing | Opposites

    Beach Combing | Opposites

    Most of the time beachcombing involves looking for small treasures that wash up along the shore. However… that was not the case during this little jaunt to the beach. I was searching on a much grander scale for things that were totally different from or the reverse of something else. The following images reveal the outcome of my search for concepts that demonstrate this week’s Lens-Artists photo challenge… Opposites. Thank…

  • Favorite Finds

    Favorite Finds

    Forecasting Fall… If we pay attention, Mother Nature sends clues that She is gearing up for a change in season. A parade of my favorite fall arrivals is starting to march through our garden. Getting a viewing spot along the parade route early is helpful… none of these special visitors is destined to stay. The following images celebrate first sightings of some of my favorite Fall forecasters. These critters are…

  • Here Comes the Sun

    Here Comes the Sun

    Time to Rise and Shine… Some of the best mornings are when wildlife is awakened by the Sun’s soft glowing light… Gently summoned to go about their activities of daily life. As a photographer, I enjoy seeing wildlife illuminated early in the day when soft sun rays seep through the landscape. I put together this collection of images that I believe captures magical moments when… Here Comes the Sun. Sunrise…

  • Motion


    Nature, a dynamic force… She strategically uses energy. Changes in position within changes in time- Her creatures have purpose. Caught in translatory motion- insects and birds move along straight and curved lines. In flight, one flower to another, they seek pollen-producing stamens. Blossoms, seemingly immobile- appear to be at rest, await pollination. Motion, a phenomenon in physics- well applied by Nature. Lens Artists Photo Challenge: #212 Motion

  • Nothing More Magical

    Nothing More Magical

    Nothing is more magical than when a hummingbird comes in sight. Myriad of hues tiny feathers reveal by refracting natural light. ~Jane Wilson Hummingbird shows us how to re-visit the past for the purpose of releasing it instead of being caught in a permanently backward flight pattern. It also helps us to see that if we step aside, we may see our life differently. Hummingbird teaches us to transcend time,…

  • Soft


    My husband has a soft spot in his heart for Wood Ducks. When our daughter gifted him hand-cut cedar planks the intended project was clear… a Wood Duck house. The boards were cut and assembled early in the winter to allow the cedar home to have proper time to cure of its soft aromatic scent . A plug in the doorway was kept in place to protect the new dwelling…

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