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  • Marine litter in my environment?

    Marine litter in my environment?

    How could that be? I live 65 miles from the Pacific Coast. An assignment for a United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) sponsored Marine Litter MOOC asks that I share a report about marine litter in my environment. It’s fortunate that I live in a community that is not located along an ocean coastline. The photos in this post were taken along Glencoe Swale, a sub watershed of the Tualatin River…

  • World Oceans Day- reblog

    World Oceans Day- reblog

    Another report proclaiming how critically stressed Earth’s oceans remain- The WWF posted reports on Twitter today that caught my attention, and reminded me of the post I wrote last year for World Oceans Day. I Thought it would be interesting to open this conversation again. WWF Report 2015: RevivingOceanEconomy-REPORT-lowres conclusion: Ocean health is declining due to local stresses such as habitat destruction, overfishing and pollution as well as rapid and unprecedented changes in…

  • “Vivid”New Grocery Bag

    “Vivid”New Grocery Bag

    I’m participating in the “Better Bag” Challenge for World Ocean Day by adding a vivid new bag to my collection. Not only do my groceries come home in  reusable shopping bags… so does the produce. Over the course of several shopping trips, I built up a collection of reusable mesh produce sacks. We purchase a lot of produce. By using the mesh sacks, we consume considerably less plastic when going to market.…

  • UNLESS… Earth-friendly Chroniclers: Challenge 11 ~ “Healthy Oceans – Healthy Planet”

    UNLESS… Earth-friendly Chroniclers: Challenge 11 ~ “Healthy Oceans – Healthy Planet”

    It’s June- This month we have a potpourri of Challenge topics to share thoughts about: World Oceans Day, Pollinator Week. World Oceans Day 2015 theme: Healthy Oceans – Healthy Planet It seems inconceivable that the world’s oceans are in distress. When I was a little girl growing up in the Northeast, trips to “the Shore” always had a feeling of crisp-cleanness. I could tell the exact moment we arrived from…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: “Blur” Ocean Smoothie

    Weekly Photo Challenge: “Blur” Ocean Smoothie

    Sea Foam: Bubbly Blur of Organic Ocean Matter The surf is like a powerful blender when the ocean is agitated by waves and wind… Obscure particles in the saltwater… dissolved salts, proteins, fats, dead algae, and an intricate mixture of organic matter… are vigorously churned to form small bubbles on the surface of the waves. In this way… a blur of organic matter is blended to form sea foam. Usually, sea foam…

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