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  • Change of Perspective | Sand

    Change of Perspective | Sand

    I will NEVER take sand for granted ever again. I will remain thankful for having access to miles of natural beach along the Oregon Coastline. I will hope that sand-mining will never be a destructive industry in the Pacific Northwest. I will hope that the growing tech industry in my community sources its demand for specialized sand through responsible means. I will long appreciate the insight reading one book has…

  • Layered | Coastline Complexity

    Layered | Coastline Complexity

    How many ways can you describe the layered appearance of the Oregon Coastline? After seeing the obvious … Did you include layered formations created by ancient Pacific Northwest flood basalts? About seventeen million years ago complex geologic events heated up magma at a hot spot (modern day Yellowstone) that caused the Columbia River continental flood basalts…  lavas that erupt rapidly in a geologically short period of time and inundate vast…

  • *Textures | Tumbled Smooth

    *Textures | Tumbled Smooth

    River rocks… Smoothed by abrasion as rock collides against rock- Once jagged edges transform to convex  as currents transport them downstream- Tumbled smooth in texture… eventually reduced in size- Dynamic river action smooths stones with seasonal changes in speed, and water levels. Weekly Photo Challenge: August 2,2017 | “Textures” * 5/35 playing catch-up with 2017 Weekly Photo Challenge Posts | Names, Ambience, Graceful, Re-purpose, Solitude, Shadow, Against the Odds, A…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: “Forces of Nature” Volcanoes

    Weekly Photo Challenge: “Forces of Nature” Volcanoes

    In the Cascade Mountain range- Oregon’s Mount Hood…  slumbers peacefully as sheer blankets of evening mist and sunset clouds drift over in muted shades and shadows. In Northern California, Mount Shasta and her companion, Shastina,  appear to float without a stir above the the remnants of a catastrophic landslide that occurred 350,000 years ago when an ancient volcano collapsed to form the Shasta Valley. Mount Baker, the highest peak in the North Cascades of Washington State,…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: “Converge” What’s on your tectonic plate?

    Weekly Photo Challenge: “Converge” What’s on your tectonic plate?

    Geological processes are at work 24-7… 365 days a year- all over dynamic planet Earth. Gaze out on the Pacific Ocean.  “Look out at the horizon. What do you see?”  A good spot to fish, place for beautiful sunsets, where storms roll in, clouds?  “Look again at the horizon- that’s where the subducting plate boundary is.”   On the Oregon Coast, that’s what’s on our tectonic plate. It’s an impacting visual reminder…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: “Angular” Works in Geologic Time

    Weekly Photo Challenge: “Angular” Works in Geologic Time

     Virgin River Gorge Northwest Arizona at the Utah Border… Faulted, fractured, tilted Paleozoic and Mesozoic rock layers: Conglomerate, limestone, siltstone, chert, shale, and gypsum… become the geometric tools of geology. Cliffs stand in near vertical faces. Landslides tumble rock into slopes as erosion undercuts massive beds. Caves open along fractures and bedding plains. Weaker stones warp and fold. Earth layers angled by convergent plate action rise up… 300 million years…

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