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  • Enchanted Homesite Available

    Enchanted Homesite Available

    Main structure is perfect size for small family of gnomes, fairies, or pixies. Includes – playhouse and garden shed.Magical twigs, leaves, and lichen are abundant in fir tree-shaded setting. Roof showing minor signs of distress.Must see… offer won’t last long in this hot market.* * Hot temperatures in this real estate location were predicted to last for a while… This forecast indicates the end of one week of record-breaking heat…

  • Mushrooms


    In the Pacific Northwest, we are beginning our damp, foggy, and mostly rainy season. It is a time of year that mushroom hunters look forward to all year. Although I’m not a mushroom hunter who collects them to eat, I am intrigued by the multitude of shapes and sizes that fungi exhibit. That is what attracts me to looking for them! Mushrooms are intriguing as subject for photographs. While standing…

  • Rounded | Tree Rings

    Rounded | Tree Rings

    The bark that once protected this tree from animals and insect pests no longer clings as a secure barrier. The center rings, the heartwood, that hardened to keep this tree growing tall and strong have failed. New layers of wood, the sapwood, cease to grow and nourish this tree. Rounded rings no longer accumulate to tell the the age of the tree. Downed on the ground, a log cut is decorated…

  • “Stay!” A good command for people too

    “Stay!” A good command for people too

    Find a spot in Nature and “stay” there for a while. Wait. Watch. That’s what I did in this little corner of our Nature Habitat. All kinds of amazing things were going on… Damp and rainy weather gave way to sun. Brightness revealed fungi that has been blooming on moisture soaked fallen tree branches and limbs. Aren’t the textures and colors intriguing?  Did you know that mushrooms are the fruits of…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: “Texture”

    Weekly Photo Challenge: “Texture”

    Texture… not of plant not of animal unique and separate life forms…   Mycelium the living body of fungus tiny filaments called hyphae usually lay hidden in soil, wood, food source   Fungi their textures  remain unseen  until fruiting bodies appear mushrooms, puffballs, truffles, brackets, cups Organisms with power to decompose dead organic matter, cause disease, make bread-wine-beer, make drugs, flavoring,vitamins, and enzymes FUNGI… not of plant not of animal unique…

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