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  • “Stay!” A good command for people too

    “Stay!” A good command for people too

    Find a spot in Nature and “stay” there for a while. Wait. Watch. That’s what I did in this little corner of our Nature Habitat. All kinds of amazing things were going on… Damp and rainy weather gave way to sun. Brightness revealed fungi that has been blooming on moisture soaked fallen tree branches and limbs. Aren’t the textures and colors intriguing?  Did you know that mushrooms are the fruits of…

  • Weekly Photo Challenge: “Endurance”

    Weekly Photo Challenge: “Endurance”

    Nature is a testament to ENDURANCE: State of surviving; Power to withstand hardship or stress; durability.  If I had to choose one organism to wear capital E for Endurance… I would select Lichen-  Symbiotic life form fueled by algae supported by fungi. Dynamic duo present on Earth 400 million years,  advanced through eons of time while performing vital ecosystem roles. Colonizes in places no others can survive,  pioneer species able to break…

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