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  • Beach Combing | Opposites

    Beach Combing | Opposites

    Most of the time beachcombing involves looking for small treasures that wash up along the shore. However… that was not the case during this little jaunt to the beach. I was searching on a much grander scale for things that were totally different from or the reverse of something else. The following images reveal the outcome of my search for concepts that demonstrate this week’s Lens-Artists photo challenge… Opposites. Thank…

  • Spotted Bee Balm

    Spotted Bee Balm

    Spotted Bee Balm, a native Eastern Canada and Eastern United States plant, is not the showiest flower around- however, it attracts bees, moths, and hummingbirds, as well as beneficial predatory wasps that can help reduce grubs and pest populations.  We purchased this plant before it bloomed and were surprised by the shape and color of the blooms. It’s been quite interesting to observe. One downside for us though, is that…

  • Life’s Just a Tree Full of Cherries

    Life’s Just a Tree Full of Cherries

    By all appearances, that’s how American Robins seem to view life each summer when the wild cherries ripen. All levels of the tree host daily visitors to its fruit-laden branches. Robins’ feeding fervor remains in top gear from the first red cherry to the last. As their youngsters watch… parent robins show them how to pluck ripe fruit… and demonstrate how to swallow the prized edibles… whole! In bird world……

  • Caught Off-guard

    Caught Off-guard

    Nature has a way of catching me off-guard with Her beauty. This Nootka Rose was rather lack luster in the shade. Then , a gentle breeze set the flower into a lovely dance… in and out of the sun shining diffused light from the West. Petals illuminated into a translucent skirt. I love the beautiful surprises Nature gives without a moment’s notice… don’t you?

  • Humbled Heron

    Humbled Heron

    Great Blue Herons are often observed attentively hunting at the edges and in the waters of the wetland near our home. Loud, harsh calls often rattle the air when a heron ascends into flight with its massive wings spanned… beak piercing the air. I’ve taken many photographs during these times. But, every now and then, one of these impressively large birds rises above the watershed floor to perch for a…

  • One in a Hundred

    One in a Hundred

    I took at least 100 shots just like this one… waiting… anticipating… I have exactly ONE shot just like this… Patience, perseverance, and a vision came together… ”Nailed it!!” I could have started over… the leaf eventually recharged with another droplet. Mother Nature’s gentle process for suckling the forest floor with life-supporting moisture. Photos all created with my Nikon D-500 with Tamron 90mm macro lens

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