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  • Stickleback- the prey

    Stickleback- the prey

    March 19, 2021- Great Blue Heron on the hunt. Prey appears to be a fish caught in the base of grasses growing next to streamlet.about:blank Pond-netting resulted with the capture of a Three-spined Stickleback I used this opportunity to begin recording in my nature drawing journal. I decided to use the graphing technique to keep proportions as accurate as possible. This also helps me to focus on each part of…

  • Shop the Dock!

    Shop the Dock!

    Come to Port Dock 5. Ruby Moon, a Fishery Agent for OSU Extension Lincoln County,  invited people to the docks in Newport, Oregon to learn how to purchase fresh seafood directly from fishing vessels. My husband and I thought this sounded like a great opportunity, and decided to go.  We were asked to bring: a cooler filled with ice, cash for purchasing seafood, and questions! As Ruby greeted us, her enthusiasm, expertise,…

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