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  • Motion


    Nature, a dynamic force… She strategically uses energy. Changes in position within changes in time- Her creatures have purpose. Caught in translatory motion- insects and birds move along straight and curved lines. In flight, one flower to another, they seek pollen-producing stamens. Blossoms, seemingly immobile- appear to be at rest, await pollination. Motion, a phenomenon in physics- well applied by Nature. Lens Artists Photo Challenge: #212 Motion

  • Robin Tenacity

    Robin Tenacity

    Why do Robins seem to build nests in challenging places? This nest was not shaded during the hottest points in the days of scorching summer heat. It was nerve-wracking to observe. However mom and dad Robin teamed well with feedings and cleanings of the nest. Robin chicks were surprisingly robust in the heat of the day. Whenever we observed from an upstairs window, the group appeared active and ready for…

  • Oh…What a Beautiful Day

    Oh…What a Beautiful Day

    It’s a wonderful feeling… wildlife’s coming our way. After days of record-breaking heat, cooler mornings lured local wildlife out of hiding and into the yard for breakfast. Birds Robins busily gathered worms. We kept a patch watered near the nest in hopes the worms would remain near the surface. Looks like the plan is working! Flickers were eagerly on the lookout for bugs. Hummingbirds hovered for nectar in the salvia…

  • Life’s Just a Tree Full of Cherries

    Life’s Just a Tree Full of Cherries

    By all appearances, that’s how American Robins seem to view life each summer when the wild cherries ripen. All levels of the tree host daily visitors to its fruit-laden branches. Robins’ feeding fervor remains in top gear from the first red cherry to the last. As their youngsters watch… parent robins show them how to pluck ripe fruit… and demonstrate how to swallow the prized edibles… whole! In bird world……

  • Humbled Heron

    Humbled Heron

    Great Blue Herons are often observed attentively hunting at the edges and in the waters of the wetland near our home. Loud, harsh calls often rattle the air when a heron ascends into flight with its massive wings spanned… beak piercing the air. I’ve taken many photographs during these times. But, every now and then, one of these impressively large birds rises above the watershed floor to perch for a…

  • Mallard Bling

    Mallard Bling

    On a recent Spring rainy day… A Mallard pair left the pond for a stroll along the wetland edge and up our driveway. This is not a normal place for duck wanderings, so I grabbed my camera. The usual rule in photography: is focus on the eyes. But then I noticed… This girl’s got bling‼️ A series of shots focused on the hen’s ankle allowed me to piece together her…

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