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  • Face to Face

    Face to Face

    Although I know the American Bullfrog is a major invasive species in our wetland… I’m still drawn to their quirky faces as they pop up in the pond waters. There’s something both humorous and alluring in those big, bulging-out eyes… when viewed from face to face. Weekly Photo Challenge: “FACE”

  • “Monochromatic” Species

    “Monochromatic” Species

    Shaded Out Invasive American Bullfrogs shade out indigenous species…. Monochromatic gang of frogs Rob habitats with tints and shades of Rana catesbeiana green. Cause devasting impact To spectrum of  amphibian species Who were once native to vibrant ecosystems. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Monochromatic.“

  • Himalayan Blackberry, Nutria, the American Bullfrog …

    Himalayan Blackberry, Nutria, the American Bullfrog …

    All seemed like good ideas at the time. What about the Turkish Fir? I’m curious to discover answers to the following questions regarding three of Oregon’s top invasive species trouble-makers. I wonder if the answers are relevant to current discussion focused on solving Christmas tree root rot problems by introducing non-native trees. The Questions- Why was the species introduced to our State in the first place? What impact does the…

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