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  • Mallard Bling

    Mallard Bling

    On a recent Spring rainy day… A Mallard pair left the pond for a stroll along the wetland edge and up our driveway. This is not a normal place for duck wanderings, so I grabbed my camera. The usual rule in photography: is focus on the eyes. But then I noticed… This girl’s got bling‼️ A series of shots focused on the hen’s ankle allowed me to piece together her…

  • Nature’s Slug Control

    Nature’s Slug Control

    Who would think that a snail could help to control slugs in the garden?It’s a fact! And another good reason to work with Nature and to avoid applying pesticides.  We’ve been led to believe snails eat plants. Right? Not always… Here is a snail species I found in our nature habitat/ garden that is a carnivore. Can you believe that? I was very surprised to learn about the Robust Lancetooth…

  • Nature Journaling📔Looking for Themes

    Nature Journaling📔Looking for Themes

    Noticing Themes in Nature Assignment: Comparison Study Two majestic heritage conifers grow in my yard. I have enjoyed watching and photographing wildlife fly/climb in and around these trees for the last 30 years. However, I’ve not taken the opportunity to “climb” onto a branch… until today. I selected a lower limb from a Western Red Cedar and a Douglas-fir to compare for this journal entry. I positioned a stool at…

  • Trophic


    Nature in Her Wisdom Planned how to feed Her Creatures efficiently, without waste. Sustenance She organized… With natural logistics able to sustain All when uninterrupted. ~JANE Please click on first photo for light box. Witnessing the Barred Owl wait, capture, and consume a chipmunk was a very humbling experience for me to observe. In all honesty, my first reaction… when I knew the chipmunk would be caught… was absolute horror.…

  • Earth Day

    Earth Day

    I’m not lyin’… It’s a dandy feeling to appreciate my Earth Day pin for the 51st time! What originally was a souvenir, has become a very meaningful possession. I got this pin when I attended the very first Earth Day celebration at Belmont Plateau in Philadelphia in 1970. It’s a reminder of the commitment we recognized and made then to value and care for our Planet. Check out ways to…

  • 50th Anniversary | Earth Day

    50th Anniversary | Earth Day

    “Lift your feet, walk quietly… listen…”  That was my father’s mantra whenever he led my sister and me into the woods for nature hikes. As youngsters, we loved those times with dad. It seemed no matter what bird or critter presented itself to us, or what plant we passed, dad knew its name. He instilled a life-long appreciation for the natural world deep in our hearts. The importance of dad’s…

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