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  • Worm Moon

    Worm Moon

    Worm Moon at the “blue hour’ this morning… my first creation layering my DSLR photos. This is the final product. Foreground layer. Main event! Worm Moon as it begins descent into moonset.

  • Snow Moon

    Snow Moon

    We had snow this month, so it seems logical to get a capture of the Snow Moon. I had my camera out during the “Blue Hour” a couple days ago and took advantage of the clear sky and time of day. I was excited to apply a technique discussed in a recent Tamron Night Photography webinar I attended. At Civil Twilight, when the blue hour is under way, the sky…

  • Blue Moon

    Blue Moon

    Halloween Full Moon! Was this a spooky event? Two full moons in one month? Actually, not spooky at all. But, it is a matter of being in the right time zone at the right time- A Blue Moon on October 31 or Halloween night occurs almost every 19 years, thanks to the Metonic cycle, so it is not very rare. But because of time zones, not every location on the globe…

  • Harvest Moon

    Harvest Moon

    Did you know- the Harvest Moon is not associated with a specific month? The other moons of the year are associated with specific months, however, the Harvest Moon relates to the timing of the autumnal equinox.  The full Moon that occurs nearest to the equinox is the one that is named- “Harvest Moon.” This means that the Harvest Moon can occur in either September or October. This Moon is appropriately named. During the…

  • Comfort in the Stars

    Comfort in the Stars

    I had almost forgotten how emotionally powerful star-gazing can be… until a few nights ago. A clear night on the Oregon Coast was all it took to unlock the feelings stored in my heart and soul. Some of my best childhood memories are those of time spent with my father … on magical nights when he filled my imagination with stories told only when, together, we gazed at the constellations above.…

  • *Elemental | Moonlit by Fire

    *Elemental | Moonlit by Fire

    earth, wind, fire… moon earth– forests ablaze Oregon’s  green flashes to red wind– charred ash Tree remnants float on air fire- pyro-predator Dry vegetation satiates wild hunger moon– reverse reflection Lit by Earth’s continental combustion, not sun. Science note- moon lit by fire is not scientifically correct. Only the sun can claim that role. Thank you for the poetic license. What a moon it was last night… its color in…

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