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  • Beach Combing | Opposites

    Beach Combing | Opposites

    Most of the time beachcombing involves looking for small treasures that wash up along the shore. However… that was not the case during this little jaunt to the beach. I was searching on a much grander scale for things that were totally different from or the reverse of something else. The following images reveal the outcome of my search for concepts that demonstrate this week’s Lens-Artists photo challenge… Opposites. Thank…

  • Caught Off-guard

    Caught Off-guard

    Nature has a way of catching me off-guard with Her beauty. This Nootka Rose was rather lack luster in the shade. Then , a gentle breeze set the flower into a lovely dance… in and out of the sun shining diffused light from the West. Petals illuminated into a translucent skirt. I love the beautiful surprises Nature gives without a moment’s notice… don’t you?

  • Nature’s Cathedral

    Nature’s Cathedral

    Here I am… awestruck… consumed in the power and the glory of God. I believe in the omniscient force who understands the processes and cycles of the universe… Nature I feel no greater solace than when I place my faith in Her. Nature’s churches are not difficult to find… Standing under a rainbow arch, Kneeling beside a stream, Sitting under a canopy of trees, Walking along a beach, Gazing up…

  • Trophic


    Nature in Her Wisdom Planned how to feed Her Creatures efficiently, without waste. Sustenance She organized… With natural logistics able to sustain All when uninterrupted. ~JANE Please click on first photo for light box. Witnessing the Barred Owl wait, capture, and consume a chipmunk was a very humbling experience for me to observe. In all honesty, my first reaction… when I knew the chipmunk would be caught… was absolute horror.…

  • Coping with the Snow

    Coping with the Snow

    Canada Geese spent most of the afternoon closer to the edge of the riparian zone. Looks like they are in for more of the pond being frozen by tomorrow. It wasn’t too bad today. Anna’s Hummingbird patiently waiting for the feeder nectar bottle to be exchanged. Be sure to check your feeders in the freezing weather. It is helpful to have two bottles to trade when the other freezes. This…

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