Natureā€™s Slug Control

Who would think that a snail could help to control slugs in the garden?Itā€™s a fact! And another good reason to work with Nature and to avoid applying pesticides.  Weā€™ve been led to believe snails eat plants. Right? Not alwaysā€¦ Here is a snail species I found in our nature habitat/ garden that is a... Continue Reading →

Nature JournalingšŸ“”Blind Contour Drawing

Assignment: Draw each of the four subjects in the coursework photos using the blind contour technique. Look at your drawings to find the successes where you feel like your eye and hand were communicating well. I had my laughs during this exercise! Poor little Green-tailed Sunbird looks like a frog. I did a better job... Continue Reading →

Nature JournalingšŸ“”Looking for Themes

Noticing Themes in Nature Assignment: Comparison Study Head outside with your journal and choose two similar subject and complete a comparison study.  Try different ways of recording your observations by exploring drawings, words, numbers, and/or diagrams. Two majestic heritage conifers grow in my yard. I have enjoyed watching and photographing wildlife fly/climb in and around... Continue Reading →

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