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  • September Smoke

    September Smoke

    Warnings alerting the public were issued across media platforms. The goal? Health and Safety Warning and Wild Fire prevention Friday night, September 9th The Harvest Moon was viewed in a fairly clear sky. Moon craters and surface features appeared near-crisp through a zoom lens. Saturday, September 10th Smoke apparent throughout Willamette Valley and I-5 Corridor. Eerie sunset peeking through the wetland forest edge. View of sunset behind the Coast Range…

  • Saga of Smoke

    Saga of Smoke

    Early in September, smoke drifting from wildfires gave a dramatic effect to sunsets. We knew crops begging for water wouldn’t get any relief from these clouds. It was smoke plumes that stretched across Pacific North West skies. Smoke tendrils painted the skies… and kept reaching out for more canvass. Each evening the sun… Became increasingly less visible. Our homes… and natural areas were choked by dense smoke. But as bad…

  • Did you know?

    Did you know?

    February 2nd is more than Groundhog Day. Don’t feel bad if you weren’t aware. If you were one of those paying attention to Punxsutawney Phil and awaiting his forecast for an early or late spring… you weren’t alone. I ask the question for an important reason… to let you know that February 2nd is also World Wetlands Day. In fact, it’s been celebrated annually since 1971. Each year, a different…

  • Lines | Power Grid

    Lines | Power Grid

    The Grid a delicate network of wire and cable Strung upon towers and poles- carry what ancient Gods of Lightning could harness only in thunder bolts, hammers, axes, or beating drums. Transformers and substations shuffle the power line by line. Energize and illuminate a power-hungry world. A way of life that must be questioned… Before the grid breaks; and natural resources Are pushed too far- unable to replenish. leaving us with…  NOTHING…

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