Brighter Outlook

Today, weather took a turn from blue-skies to gray… a disappointing change for weather and my spirits.

Then, a flash of color landed on a tree branch outside my bedroom window. Perfect timing!

A Varied Thrush knew when to come and share the brilliance of sunrise and sunset…

Both- dazzlingly displayed upon his tangerine-tinged plumage.

Inspiration for a brighter outlook.

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  1. Happy you enjoyed this post-
    The Varied Thrush tends to be elusive… so glad he showed up today!

  2. Perfect! I love these birds — that high piercing, almost eerie call they make this in late winter is what attracted my attention years ago. I kept wondering what bird that was, so I checked a bird-call ID site online, and discovered it was the Varied Thrush.

  3. The cooperation was impressive, actually. Perched long enough for me to trap my camera and get a few shots off. Generally, thrushes are ground feeders and don’t stay still. Glad this one took a rest😀

  4. The song sounds like a referee whistle blown in short, spaced bursts. I think the color, especially in males like this one, are more impressive than its song or calls😉

    I agree, you would be happy to see one. Are they found where you live?

  5. It is very distinctive! I like calls like this, though… Makes me feel kind of smart to identify a bird without seeing it 😉

  6. None of those Thrushes here in Australia, we do get a Grey Shrike Thrush around home sometimes but that has very plain colouring. It does have quite a nice call though. We also came across a Bassian Thrush when we were on holiday last year, that has speckled russet colours, don’t know about it’s song.

  7. Thank you for telling me about the species you have seen. I see that the Australian thrushes are plainly colored. It was interesting to search on line to see their photos 🙂

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