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Brain Pollen

Brain Pollen

I’ve been out buzzing across fields of cyberspace for quite some time now collecting brain pollen:

  • Particles of information picked up here and there, carried home, and stored in neat little folder compartments on my electronic devices;
  • Nourishment for ideas to be put into action- not just by me- but anyone with an interest to learn about, support, and strengthen pollinator populations and the ecosystems they depend on for survival.
  • I hope this little hive of information will encourage, inspire, and assist you in finding a pollinator project that catches your interest.
  • You are invited to add more ideas to the “hive” in the comments section. Thanks, honey…


Pollinator Partnership-


Click on this icon to start down a path rich in information and resources. Everything from President Obama’s, “National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators,” to pollinator programs, planting guides, and learning materials.

Bee Smart-


Click on this icon for information about a REALLY cool app.- “Plant a garden that butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees will love as much as you!”

The Bee Smart™ Pollinator Gardener is your comprehensive guide to selecting plants for pollinators specific to your area. Never get caught wondering what plants to buy again! Eco-region specific planting guides are at your finger tips. Can you tell I’m very excited about this?


ShareboxClick on this icon to learn about planting a pollinator-friendly garden and then register the pollinator planted area on the S.H.A.R.E. map to celebrate.



Click here for more technical, and policy-oriented pollinator information from the North American Pollinator Protection Campaign.

Bring Back the Pollinators-


Click on the icon for a wealth of information and four easy steps that provide several levels of commitment anyone can make to help “BRING BACK the POLLINATORS.”

Bumble Bee Watch-

Click on this icon if you are a macro-photography buff, or simply like to take photos of Bumble Bees. Join “Bumble Bee Watch” to submit your Bumble Bee sightings as part of a citizen science data collection group.

Pollinator Protection Pledge-

habsignClick on this icon to take the Pollinator Protection Pledge

The Xerces Society-

UnknownClick on this icon to explore the Society’s website treasure box of resources and information relevant to pollinator and other invertebrate  conservation.

(The Xerces Society was named after the first known butterfly(Xerces Blue Butterfly) to become extinct due to human activity.)

National Pollinator Garden Network-

MPGC-LogoFINALThe Million Pollinator Garden Challenge is a campaign to register a million public and private gardens and landscapes to support pollinators.

Click on this icon to learn how to participate to create more pollinator habitat through sustainable gardening practices, habitat conservation.

This program aligns with the “National Strategy to Promote the Health of Honey Bees and Other Pollinators,” and the S.H.A.R.E. project. It is supported by many partner organizations including the Pollinator Partnership, and the Xerces Society.

10 comments on “Brain Pollen”

  1. I just love your wordplay Jane!

    We’re trying hard to establish a nature-friendly home garden, using only indigenous water-wise plants, and your links will surely help that cause (now if only our pet rabbit would “get with the program”!)

  2. Hello de Wets family-
    Oh, that would be terrific if any of the links will assist in your nature-friendly home garden planning. There must be a way to give the rabbit a helpful role. Perhaps processing is some how for fertilizer? Hum… I wonder 😉 Yep- Google search Rabbit manure for fertilizer and you’ll be pleased (I think!).

  3. Thanks Jane!

    Indeed, little Snoesie creates copious amounts of “fertilizer”, unfortunately using the more palatable plants we’re trying to establish to fuel the process instead of her (not so cheap) rabbit food… We simply wont confine her to a hatch, so will have to find some more rabbit-proof plants. Luckily we’re finding combinations of foul-tasting (but not poisonous) and resilient plants that actually thrive on being “trimmed” 😀

  4. Thank you, WG, for a beautiful tour through your garden, and all the helpful pollinator tips. Hosting is helping to spread so many important ideas contributed by friends like you. I’m grateful for all who participate and share common concern for our planet’s well-being. When folks read your post… I hope you some can help you gain some more new insights as to why some of the pollinators are slow to arrive this year.
    <3 Jane

  5. I’m afraid she’s figured that out also. Takes a run-up, jumps against the stump of a dead palm (which we’ve placed our bird-feeder on) and then over the fence. Rabbits are much more clever than they’re given credit for…

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