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Boundaries? Revisited…

Boundaries? Revisited…

(This is a rewrite of a post I composed October 7, 2015 after a horrific campus shooting in Oregon at the Umpqua Community College near Roseburg. This post is to honor and commemorate seventeen beautiful people who tragically lost their lives this week in yet one more campus shooting… None of us should allow ourselves to become immune… )


The limit or extent of something.

I cannot find a BOUNDARY

that will encompass, identify, or describe

how I feel as the result of another senseless massacre that occurred

on the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School campus.


Filled with: sorrow, anger, disbelief, outrage, frustration-

I watch events unfold as moments, hours, days pass.

In Parkland, Florida-

Seventeen innocent people…

  • protective, much-beloved geography teacher,
  • popular football coach, cheery and selfless,
  • outgoing personality soccer player,
  • sweet, caring, funny kid,
  • promising swimmer, hard worker,
  • warm dancer who cared about others,
  • a great coach and awesome motivator,
  • a basket ball player with a big heart,
  • a girl who loved the beach and her family,
  • a beautiful soul and dance choreographer,
  • a poet and best friend,
  • a girl who gave selfless service to victims of Hurricane Irma,
  • strong-willed girl, who had everything going for her,
  • smart, kind-hearted and thoughtful,
  • trombone player, a sweetheart of a kid,
  • National Merit Scholar semi-finalist,
  • The kid in school who would be friends with anyone…


G U N N E D    D O W N


In memory of those whose lives are lost,


Where is the Boundary of Humanity?

How do some


Is the line too thin… too easily ignored?

Will help for those who are mentally ill, or agreement on measures for gun control- be the only considerations examined to fix this expanding breach in the Boundary of Humanity?

How do we look further?


Perhaps it is time we all must look inward to heart and soul.

Placing blame is not creating the solutions that must come.

The Boundary of Humanity MUST be repaired and strengthened…

agreed upon in a way no longer to be crossed.

If we reclaim pieces of our own humanity, won’t we, then, be better able to repair the breech?

To begin, go next to the Internet. Discover the names of these latest victims.

Write a phrase for each, as I have done above. It is a powerful feeling… to meet those who have perished.

I felt as if I just met an outstanding group of new neighbors.

Try it.


reasons to fix the Boundary of Humanity will become more clear…

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