Bird from Home | Anna’s Hummingbird

These are photos of the Anna’s Hummingbird I was composing when… My attention was distracted by the arrival of a Pileated Woodpecker.

Since late spring, the Anna’s Hummingbirds have visited our rain garden to enjoy sipping nectar from a variety of perennial salvia flowers… primarily blues and reds.

My husband and I are fond of zinnias. So, we interspersed tall and short varieties to add splashes of joyful color among our perennial plant collection.

Problem was… the bright zinnia palette of colors seemed to be getting ignored by the hummingbirds. That was concerning.

Then, as if by magic…

Anna’s Hummingbirds began hovering in the zinnia zones.

We can’t decide which zinnia creates the most striking color combination between bird and flower.

Which is your favorite?

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