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Beach Combing | Opposites

Beach Combing | Opposites

Most of the time beachcombing involves looking for small treasures that wash up along the shore. However… that was not the case during this little jaunt to the beach.

I was searching on a much grander scale for things that were totally different from or the reverse of something else.

The following images reveal the outcome of my search for concepts that demonstrate this week’s Lens-Artists photo challenge… Opposites. Thank you, Tina for the inspiration to explore along the Coast and nearby in a novel way.

Oceanic | Terrestrial

The boundary along Oregon’s western-most side is between ocean and land. My husband and I were awestruck by this Oceanic/ Terrestrial border the first time we experienced it over 50 years ago. Coastal beauty remains astounding. Why? A little history … During his terms as governor, Tom McCall understood that opposites do not always mix. Between 1967 and 1975, he pioneered a doctrine of balancing economic growth with environmental protections. Oregon’s beaches will benefit for generations to come as a result.

Close By | Far Away

Close by the sandy shore, a variety of beach grasses give sand dunes an unshaven look. Far away, Haystack Rock stands like a sentinel guarding the far away beaches near Pacific City.

Silhouette | Luminousity

I almost overlooked the perspective for this image! I had planned to find a clear spot along the wall that protects visitors at this viewpoint from the steep cliff below. I had in mind a telephoto shot to bring the sun closer in… larger than life.

Then the sun caught my attention in a whole new light. Its luminance … balanced in the delicate grasp of the plant’s silhouetted stems… created a harmony of opposites. I’m so glad I stepped back.

Farmland | Timberland

One need not travel very far from the coastline to experience low areas of farmland that quickly rise uphill. There begins the climb from low-lying farm and dairy land up into Coast Range timberland and State Forest areas.

Deciduous | Coniferous

Deciduous trees, like Alder and Ash, follow the edges of rivers, streams, and coniferous forests. Higher elevations in the Coast Range provide a growing habitat for stands of Douglas Fir, Western Cedar and other coniferous varieties of evergreen trees. Soon, the deciduous trees will stand out with vivid fall-colored leaves. And then… their branches go naked as the coniferous trees stand by all snuggled in green.

As we travelled homeward, back across the mountains, the day of light turned darker. By the time we pulled into the driveway, our day achieved one more opposite… night. It was the perfect time to think about the day’s adventure and finding opposites.

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #216-Opposites

2 comments on “Beach Combing | Opposites”

  1. Love that you found opposites in such a beautiful place, manifested in such different ways. Especially loved the silhouette comparison

  2. That particular photo inspired a lovely conversation with my husband as we ran through a list of potential word candidates for the opposite of silhouette 🙂 I’m happy you enjoyed that one, Tina.

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