Assignment 1- Set Up Camera | Understand Lens Attributes

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In addition to camera set up, this is another factor for me to keep in mind:

I rotate my photographic captures between my D850 for full frame images, and D500 for APS-C crop factor.

I need to remember this number, 1.5

Then, to find the equivalent focal length of the new field of view afforded by the smaller APS-C sensor, multiply the true focal length of the lens by 1.5x to get the 35mm equivalent focal length of the lens. A 50mm lens on a camera with a 1.5x crop factor APS-C sensor gives a field of view equivalent to that of a 75mm lens on a full-frame or 35mm film camera. (B&H Photo)

Jane’s Lens Chart was created during my Cornell studies. It’s included here as a go-to reference to assist with lens choice decisions.

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