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A Year of Trail

A Year of Trail

Creating a Wildlife Habitat is quite a wonderful experience. It’s hard to believe one year has passed since the clearing of invasive Himalayan Blackberries lead to the development of this special place on our property.

The trail we laid through the area has been interesting to watch over a full year’s cycle of seasons… the story is told in this series of photos.

2 comments on “A Year of Trail”

  1. Bravo! Only those who’ve wrestled and bled trying to remove Himalayan Blackberries can truly appreciate your accomplishment. Be vigilant! Don’t weaken or turn your back very long.

  2. Wrestled and bled…yes! Those are the two key words, John.
    And to reduce both, I will stay vigilant. Was out a couple days ago nipping the small stuff, and have my eye on the larger ones to target in the fall when the native vegetation now growing around them (horsetails and bracken fern) dies back.
    Culprit we are focused on at the moment is Reed Canarygrass…sadly I don’t think that battle will be won.

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