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Creepy | A Tangled Mess

Creepy | A Tangled Mess

A very creepy plant, the creepiest that has ever crawled through any landscape, is Himalayan Blackberry- Rubus armeniacus. When left unchecked, the outcome can be very creepy indeed. That was truly the case on our property.

When viewed from the sidewalk at the top of our driveway, it’s easy to see that the blackberry bramble is very thick. Notice how it creeps up the tree trunks?

What’s difficult to realize is that those trees are located at the base of a steep slope. Once the creepy vines were cleared, a pleasant landscape emerged. The white-barked trees were strangled 7-8 feet up their trunks by vines. It’s wonderful to see them released from the grasp of the creepy vines. Look behind that small grove of Oregon Alder- a native plant community of Slough Sedge and Red Osier can now be seen.


Freeing the native plants has been no easy task. The goal was to avoid the use of herbicides in the control and eventual eradication of the blackberries.  Armed with hand tools and leather gauntlet gloves, the canes were cut in 3-4 foot lengths, piled, and later bundled with bio-degradable rope.

Our community has bi-weekly yard debris pick-up. We have kept the crew very busy. Our collection of 7 bins has been filled with the bundled brambles and picked up 5 times already. There are several bundles ready to go on the next pick-up date…and there  will  be still more  after  that…

How’s that for a Creepy story?

Submitted for the Lens-Artist photo challenge #71 | Creepy

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