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A gathering of 52

A gathering of 52

What do you know? 
Turns out this week’s photo challenge theme gives reason for celebrating another blogging Anniversary-
One year of participation in the “Weekly Photo Challenge” 
Here’s to year number two and me taking more photos that will tie weekly themes to natural sciences-related topics/ issues! I’m looking forward to the comments and conversations yet to come...
Gathering of 52 … A Year of Weekly Photo Challenges Converge in this Collage

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9 comments on “A gathering of 52”

  1. What a beautiful and diverse collection of images Jane! I know that I, and I’m sure many others, look forward to your contributions each week.

  2. What a lovely collage. Hard to pick a favourite photo…but I’ll go with the sunset. Every sunset is beautiful, and each one is different 🙂

  3. WG~
    I like your description “windows to your world.” You inspired me to start a photo file to collect the next 52 photo challenge poster children. Be kind-of fun to make this a yearly tradition, especially since it falls so close to Thanksgiving and holidays. A thankfulness sampler in the making 🙂

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