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5 Day Black & White Photo Challenge: Hoover Dam – Water Woes

5 Day Black & White Photo Challenge: Hoover Dam – Water Woes


Thank you to my blogging friends at, Our Rumbling Ocean, who suggested I try the 5 Day Black & White Photo Challenge. Over the course of five days, it will be interesting to decide which photos will lend themselves to the drama of black and white.

I decided to search my archives for a dramatic photo for today’s post.

This photograph is one taken at Hoover Dam a few years ago during a road trip to the Southwest. In 2013, the structure of the water intake towers was readily in view. This is in stark contrast to where the water level was in 1999 when it skirted the towers just below the parallel concrete rings near the top of the structure.

The demand for water is not expected to diminish as multiple interests compete for the precious waters of the Colorado River. Lake Mead will not refill to prior levels any time soon (if ever).  This is a pattern that repeats along countless water-ways around the world.

Is there a solution to the problem depicted by this black and white photograph?

There are only two rules for this challenge:

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W.
2. Each day invite another blog friend to join in the fun.

On this,  my fourth post, I invited Jim Holroyd365.   Jim hosts an interesting blog, and is one to follow if you want to learn where Tbilisi is, view intriguing photos, find a good book review, and enjoy Jim’s good humor. Please be sure to check out this delightful blog… oh, and see if you can discover what Jim likes to collect while you are there 🙂

17 comments on “5 Day Black & White Photo Challenge: Hoover Dam – Water Woes”

  1. Dramatic, yeah, we are about to get water restrictions here, in our case infrastructure maintenance has become a great issue, along with growing population.

  2. I’m highly expecting that we will have some water restrictions here as well. The cause for our heightened need to conserve will stem from the diminished snow levels in the Cascade Mountains. Our region depends on heavy snow packs to build in the winter. Streams are charged by the run-off of snow melt during the rest of the year. This year snows have been measured in inches instead of FEET. Not good…

  3. The Hoover Dam with all its concrete works well in black and white, we can focus on its structure and not be distracted by colours. Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I’ll think about taking the challenge.

  4. This is dramatic. I have a similar picture of the Hoover Dam but it was taken after sunset so the dam is lit up with electricity.

  5. Wow Jane, amazing difference – appreciate your including the link to the earlier shot. Your capture is beautiful and your comments are frightening. My niece was visiting from Boulder COLO last week and told me they hadn’t had a day under 60 degrees all winter. A disaster for them. Meanwhile the northeast is devastated by the continual onslaught of snowfall. It’s crazy – Not good about sums it up. Thanks for the post – really puts things in perspective.

  6. Dramatic indeed Jane!

    Access to clean, fresh water will become an ever bigger issue as our populations and industries continue to escalate…

  7. Yes… a challenge all continents face. I’m hopeful that small dialogues like the ones we share are the tinder that will fuel more and bigger conversations as peoples world-wide wrap their minds around the changes and adaptations we will need to work together to understand and achieve.

  8. In the eighties I took a photography course and we did black and white processing…I’m always experimenting…shooting some B/W could be interesting, thanks for the suggestion…
    I also have the possibility to set the camera on one point colour which has some interesting possibilities too…

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